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Scrolling Speed

This topic describes how to improve vertical and horizontal scrolling performance in the GridControl.

Expanded Vertical Scrolling with Cascading Data Updates

Scrolling through large amounts of data records can slow down the control’s performance and cause the application to become less responsive. The Cascading Data Updates feature asynchronously updates visible rows to improve the control’s performance and make vertical scrolling faster and smoother.

Expanded Horizontal UI Virtualization

The horizontal UI virtualization feature improves the GridControl’s performance when the control cannot display all its columns on a screen. When horizontal virtualization is enabled, the GridControl loads only the visible cells. Once generated, cells are reused to render the newly loaded columns when the user scrolls the grid horizontally.

As a result, the GridControl uses less memory and takes less time to load.

Note that horizontal virtualization slows down horizontal scrolling performance. Set the TableView.AllowHorizontalScrollingVirtualization or TreeListView.AllowHorizontalScrollingVirtualization (for TreeListView) property to false to disable this feature.

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