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Big Data Source

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The GridControl loads the entire dataset to memory in regular binding mode. In this case, the GridControl processes loaded data (sorts, groups, filters, etc.) in the client-side application. This binding mode provides unlimited data shaping capabilities (for example, custom sorting, custom grouping, etc.), but the control may work slowly when it is bound to a large data set in regular binding mode.

We recommend enabling server-side data processing if the control works slowly due to a large number of data records in a bound data source:

  • The GridControl does not process (sort, group, filter, and etc.) loaded items: the database server (or Odata service) processes data items.
  • The GridControl loads only those items it displays on screen.

The GridControl supports the following binding modes that enable server-side data processing:

Server Mode

The DevExpress WPF subscription ships with a set of Server Mode data source controls. Bind the GridControl to data via a Server Mode data source control to automatically enable server-side data processing. Server Mode data source controls support the following data access technologies:

Refer to Server Mode Overview for more information.

Instant Feedback Mode

The Instant Feedback mode sources enable the server-side data processing in a background thread.

The application’s UI remains responsive while the GridControl loads its data items. This allows users to sort, filter, and group data items. The current request to a data source may become outdated if an end-user has manipulated the control’s data items. In this case, the GridControl cancels the previous request and initiates a new request to the data source.

The Instant Feedback mode sources support the following data access technologies:

Learn More: Instant Feedback UI Mode

Virtual Data Sources

Virtual Sources allow you to implement your data loading logic. You can bind the GridControl to any data source via the Virtual Sources, even if the total record count is unknown.

The GridControl only loads items it displays on screen or a certain page, and you can specify the supported data operations.

Refer to Binding to any Data Source with Virtual Sources for more information.

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