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Binding to a Collection of Selected Items

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This topic describes how to bind the GridControl‘s selection to a collection of items defined in a Model or View Model. You also will learn how to bind a control to the GridControl‘s selection.

Bind GridControl Selection to a Collection in a View Model

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The following code sample shows how to synchronize the GridControl‘s selection with an item collection in a View Model. The code sample:

  1. Binds the GridControl‘s SelectedItems property to a Selection collection defined in a View Model.
  2. Adds a button that deletes selected rows.
<Button Command="{Binding DeleteSelectedRowsCommand}" Content="Delete Selected Rows"/>
<dxg:GridControl ItemsSource="{Binding Customers}" 
                 SelectedItems="{Binding Selection}"
                 ... />

The view model includes the following classes and collections:

  • Customer - a data object that contains customer information (name, city, number of visits, birthday).
  • CustomerDataModel - the customer data model that populates the Customers collection with data.
  • CustomersViewModel - the customer view model.
  • Customers - a collection of customers displayed in the GridControl.
  • Selection - a collection of GridControl selected items.
  • DeleteSelectedRows - the command that deletes selected items from the GridControl.
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using DevExpress.Mvvm;
using DevExpress.Mvvm.DataAnnotations;

namespace WPFGridMVVMSelection {
    public class CustomersViewModel : ViewModelBase {
        public IList<Customer> Customers { get; } = CustomersDataModel.GetCustomers();
        public ObservableCollection<Customer> Selection { get; } = new ObservableCollection<Customer>();

        public void DeleteSelectedRows() {
            Selection.ToList().ForEach(item => Customers.Remove(item));
        public bool CanDeleteSelectedRows() {
            return Selection.Count > 0;

Bind ListBoxEdit Items to GridControl Selection

The following code sample binds the ListBoxEdit to the DataControlBase.SelectedItems collection to show the GridControl‘s selected rows in the ListBox:

<dxg:GridControl x:Name="grid" SelectionMode="Row" ... />
<GroupBox Header="Selected Records">
    <dxe:ListBoxEdit ItemsSource="{Binding SelectedItems, ElementName=grid}"

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