StripLimit.AxisValue Property

Gets or sets the strip’s position (either minimum or maximum) along an axis.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v21.2.dll


public object AxisValue { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

A floating point value that specifies the strip’s position.


The AxisValue property is used to define a limiting value (either the minimum or maximum) that affects the strip position along its corresponding axis.

A strip is positioned along its axis based upon two limits - the minimum and maximum - which are defined by the Strip.MinLimit and Strip.MaxLimit properties, respectively. The type of these properties is represented by the StripLimit class whose AxisValue property specifies a particular limiting value.

The availability of a particular strip limit is controlled by the StripLimit.Enabled property.

For more information, refer to Strips.


This example demonstrates how strips can be created and customized at runtime.

Since strips reside in an appropriate axis collection, you should first cast your diagram object to the required diagram’s type. Then, you can access the collection via the Axis2D.Strips property.

// Cast the chart's diagram to the XYDiagram type, to access its axes.
XYDiagram diagram = (XYDiagram)chartControl1.Diagram;

// Create a strip with its maximum and minimum axis value defined.
diagram.AxisY.Strips.Add(new Strip("Strip 1", 5, 15));

// Customize the strip's behavior.
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].Visible = true;
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].ShowAxisLabel = true;
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].AxisLabelText = "My Range";
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].ShowInLegend = true;
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].LegendText = "A Sample Strip";

// Customize the strip's appearance.
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].Color = Color.CornflowerBlue;
diagram.AxisY.Strips[0].FillStyle.FillMode = FillMode.Empty;
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