DateTimeScaleOptions Properties

Contains settings for an axis scale when its data type is date-time.
Name Description
AggregateFunction Gets or sets the value indicating the aggregate function that should be used to relieve data. Inherited from ScaleGridOptionsBase.
AutoGrid Gets or sets the value specifying whether the alignment, spacing and offset of grid lines and major tickmarks should be calculated automatically. Inherited from ScaleGridOptionsBase.
AutomaticMeasureUnitsCalculator Gets or sets the automatic date-time measure unit calculator.
CustomAggregateFunction Gets or sets the custom aggregate function callback that calculates the aggregated values. Inherited from ScaleGridOptionsBase.
GridAlignment Gets or sets the date-time measure unit to which the beginning of an axis’ gridlines and labels should be aligned.
GridLayoutMode Gets or sets the value that specifies the alignment of grid lines, major tickmarks and axis labels.
GridOffset Gets or sets the offset of grid lines and major tickmarks. Inherited from ScaleGridOptionsBase.
GridSpacing Gets or sets the interval between grid lines and major tickmarks. Inherited from ScaleGridOptionsBase.
IntervalOptions Stores options for a date-time axis when its ScaleMode is Interval.
MeasureUnit Gets or sets the detail level for date-time values.
MeasureUnitMultiplier Gets or sets the value specifying the factor on the measurement unit multiplies to form a custom measurement unit.
MinGridSpacingLength Gets or sets the minimum allowed distance between two neighbor major tick marks and grid lines that affect an automatically calculated grid. Inherited from ScaleGridOptionsBase.
ProcessMissingPoints Gets or sets mode which specifies the action the chart control should perform with the missing points. Inherited from ScaleOptionsBase.
ScaleMode Gets or sets the scale mode for an axis. Inherited from ScaleOptionsBase.
SkipRangesWithoutPoints Specifies whether to skip axis ranges that do not have data points.
Tag Gets or sets the object that contains data related to the chart element. Inherited from ChartElement.
WorkdaysOnly Specifies whether holidays and non-working days should be excluded from the axis scale.
WorkdaysOptions Provides access to the information about non-working days to adjust the date-time axis scale.
WorkTimeOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether to show only the working time on a date-time axis.
WorkTimeRules Returns a collection of work time rules which should be applied to the date-time axis scale.
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