ChartMouseAction.ModifierKeys Property

Gets or sets the modifier keys.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v20.1.dll


public ChartModifierKeys ModifierKeys { get; set; }
Public Property ModifierKeys As ChartModifierKeys

Property Value

Type Description

The modifier key.


Use the ModifierKeys and ChartMouseAction.MouseButton properties to specify the action the end user performs to interact with the chart.


This example shows how to specify actions to zoom in and zoom out of the chart:

To configure the action, use the ChartMouseAction.ModifierKeys and ChartMouseAction.MouseButton properties.

XYDiagram diagram = chartControl.Diagram as XYDiagram;
if(diagram != null) {
    diagram.ZoomingOptions.ZoomInMouseAction.ModifierKeys = ChartModifierKeys.Control;
    diagram.ZoomingOptions.ZoomInMouseAction.MouseButton = MouseButtons.Right;
    diagram.ZoomingOptions.ZoomOutMouseAction.ModifierKeys = ChartModifierKeys.Shift;
    diagram.ZoomingOptions.ZoomOutMouseAction.MouseButton = MouseButtons.Right;
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