AxisTitle Properties

Defines the common settings of an axis’s title.
Name Description
Alignment Gets or sets the alignment of the axis title.
Antialiasing Obsolete. Gets or sets whether antialising is applied to the title’s contents. Inherited from TitleBase.
EnableAntialiasing Gets or sets a value indicating whether antialiasing is enabled for a chart title. Inherited from TitleBase.
Font Gets or sets the font used to display the title’s text. Inherited from TitleBase.
MaxLineCount Gets or sets the number of lines to which a title text is allowed to wrap.
Position Gets or sets the axis title position.
Tag Gets or sets the object that contains data related to the chart element. Inherited from ChartElement.
Text Gets or sets the title’s text. Inherited from Title.
TextColor Gets or sets a title’s text color. Inherited from TitleBase.
Visibility Gets or sets a value which specifies whether to show an axis title on a diagram.
Visible Obsolete. Specifies whether the axis title is visible.
WordWrap Gets or sets whether a title’s text should wrap when it’s too lengthy.
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