OfficeNavigationBar.ShowPeekFormOnItemHover Property

Gets or sets whether a popup Peek Form is displayed for an item when it is hovered over.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.Navigation

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v20.1.dll


public bool ShowPeekFormOnItemHover { get; set; }
Public Property ShowPeekFormOnItemHover As Boolean

Property Value

Type Default Description


true, if a popup Peek Form is displayed for an item when it is hovered over; otherwise, false.


A Peek Form is a popup that allows you to display custom content for an OfficeNavigationBar control's item when it is hovered over. The form has a beak that points to the item for which the form is invoked.


If the ShowPeekFormOnItemHover property is set to true, the Peek Form is displayed for an item being hovered over after a delay specified by the OfficeNavigationBar.PeekFormShowDelay property. It is possible to disable the display of the Peek Form for individual items with the NavigationBarItem.ShowPeekFormOnItemHover property.

Content for the Peek Form needs to be provided via the OfficeNavigationBar.QueryPeekFormContent event. If no content is provided, the Peek Form is not displayed.

The Peek Form supports a built-in button panel, which allows you to display custom buttons. These buttons have a flat appearance and are painted according to the current skin. To create and show these buttons, add buttons to the FlyoutPanelButtonOptions.Buttons collection and enable the FlyoutPanelButtonOptions.ShowButtonPanel option. These properties and other properties related to the button panel display are accessible via the OfficeNavigationBar.OptionsPeekFormButtonPanel object. The button panel's position and height can be adjusted with the FlyoutPanelButtonOptions.ButtonPanelLocation and FlyoutPanelButtonOptions.ButtonPanelHeight properties. The alignment of buttons within the button panel is specified by the FlyoutPanelButtonOptions.ButtonPanelContentAlignment property. To respond to button clicks, handle the OfficeNavigationBar.PeekFormButtonClick event.

To manually display and hide the Peek Form, use the OfficeNavigationBar.ShowPeekForm and OfficeNavigationBar.HidePeekForm methods, respectively.

The Peek Form's size can be specified using the OfficeNavigationBar.PeekFormSize property. If this property is set to (0,0), the form's size will be automatically calculated to fit the form's content, which is provided via the OfficeNavigationBar.QueryPeekFormContent event.

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