NavigationPane Class

The page container with vertically arranged built-in flat tabs, displaying one page at a time in an expandable area, which can be resized, maximized and collapsed. Supports animation effects when navigating through pages. See Navigation Pane.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.Navigation

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v21.1.dll


public class NavigationPane :


NavigationPane is a tab container of NavigationPage objects, to which you can place you custom controls. You can access and customize the page collection with the NavigationFrame.Pages inherited property.

Visually, the NavigationPane is divided into two areas - page header area and expandable page content area.

The Page header area displays vertically aligned page headers, which act as tabs. Each tab can display a page image (the NavigationPage.Image or NavigationPage.ImageUri property) and/or page caption (the NavigationPage.PageText or NavigationPage.Caption property). The ShowMode property, accessed through the NavigationPane.PageProperties section, specifies which of these elements should be shown.

Clicking a page header (tab) expands the resizable pane displaying the contents of the current page. This pane has its own header that contains the page caption (the NavigationPage.Caption property), custom header buttons (the NavigationPage.CustomHeaderButtons collection), collapse button and maximize/restore button.

NavigationPane - Animation

At design time, you can use the NavigationPane‘s smart tag to add new NavigationPages. Dedicated navigation elements help you to quickly switch between pages, add and delete pages at design time (see the figure below). These navigation elements are not available at runtime.

NavigationPane - Smart-tag and Navigation

The following lists shows some additional properties to customize the control’s behavior:

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