ToolTipControlInfo Properties

Contains tooltip information.
Name Description
AllowHtmlText Gets or sets whether HTML formatting is supported in tooltips.
FlyoutControl Gets or sets a control shown within a flyout tooltip.
ForcedShow Gets or sets whether the tooltip should be forcibly shown for the same visual element via the ToolTipController.ShowHint method.
HideHintOnMouseMove Gets or sets whether the shown tooltip hides when an end-user moves the mouse.
IconType Gets or sets the kind of predefined icon to display in a tooltip.
ImageOptions Provides access to options that specify the image displayed in the tooltip.
ImmediateToolTip Gets or sets whether a tooltip will be displayed immediately or after a delay.
Interval Gets or sets the interval that must pass before a tooltip is displayed.
Object Gets or sets an object which uniquely identifies the currently processed element.
ObjectBounds Gets or sets the bounds of the object for which a tooltip is displayed.
SuperTip Gets or sets a SuperToolTip that will be displayed if the ToolTipControlInfo.ToolTipType property is set to SuperTip
Text Gets or sets the tooltip’s text.
Title Gets or sets the tooltip’s title.
ToolTipAnchor Gets or sets whether the tooltip is anchored relative to the mouse pointer or the owning control.
ToolTipImage Gets or sets the image to display within the current tooltip.
ToolTipIndent Gets or sets the space, in pixels, between the tooltip and the associated visual element.
ToolTipLocation Gets or sets the tooltip location.
ToolTipPosition Gets or sets the tooltip’s position in screen coordinates.
ToolTipType Gets or sets the type of tooltip to be displayed.
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