FlyoutPanelButtonOptions Properties

Contains miscellaneous settings applied to a FlyoutPanel's built-in button panel.
Name Description
AllowGlyphSkinning Gets or sets whether button glyphs are painted based on the FlyoutPanel's foreground color.
AppearanceButton Provides access to appearance settings used to paint the FlyoutPanel's buttons in different visual states.
ButtonPanelContentAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of buttons within the button panel.
ButtonPanelHeight Gets or sets the built-in button panel's height.
ButtonPanelLocation Gets or sets the location of the built-in button panel in the FlyoutPanel.
Buttons Provides access to the collection of buttons displayed in the FlyoutPanel's built-in button panel.
Images Gets or sets the source of images that can be displayed within buttons.
Padding Gets or sets the amount of space around the button panel.
ShowButtonPanel Gets or sets whether the built-in button panel is displayed in the FlyoutPanel.
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