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Column's Filter DropDown

Filter dropdowns provide a UI for applying filter criteria against columns in the GridView and its descendants, and against card fields in the CardView and LayoutView.


You can choose between four filter dropdown presentation styles.


The table below lists the main properties and methods related to this visual element.

Number of Items

ColumnViewOptionsFilter.ColumnFilterPopupMaxRecordsCount - Gets or sets the maximum number of records that are scanned to populate column filter dropdowns with unique filter values.

Display Mode

WindowsFormsSettings.ColumnFilterPopupMode - Gets or sets the default display mode of column filter dropdowns in all GridControls, TreeLists and PivotGridControls in the current application.

ColumnViewOptionsFilter.ColumnFilterPopupMode - Gets or sets the default display mode of filter dropdowns for columns in the current View.

OptionsColumnFilter.FilterPopupMode - Gets or sets which filtering options are available in pop-up menus and how they are presented.



To learn more, see Filter and Search.

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