XY-Diagram 2D

Short Description

The 2D XY-Diagram allows you to plot 2D XY series. This diagram allows you to represent and compare series point numeric and percentage values in different formats. This representation is useful when you need to show trends for several series on the same diagram, and show the relationship of the parts to the whole.

An example of the XY Diagram is shown below.


Diagram Characteristics

The table below lists the main characteristics of this chart type.

Feature Value
Diagram class XYDiagram2D
Axes accessibility XYDiagram2D.AxisX, XYDiagram2D.AxisY, XYDiagram2D.SecondaryAxesX, XYDiagram2D.SecondaryAxesY
Properties to customize diagram appearance XYDiagram2D.Rotated
Compatible series types Area Series; Bar Series; Financial Series; Point, Line, and Bubble Series.

For information on which series view types can be combined with this diagram type, refer to Series Type Compatibility.