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By default, hints are displayed when an end-user hovers the mouse pointer over a visual element (a field header or data cell, for example) whose contents are truncated. The image below shows the hint, which is shown for the field’s header whose caption is truncated.

The ExpressPivotGrid provides a set of options that specify which elements can display hints. To access these options, use the pivot grid’s OptionsBehavior property. The table below lists the hint options along with their descriptions.

Option Description
OptionsBehavior.CellHints Specifies whether hints are displayed for data cells with truncated content.
OptionsBehavior.FieldHeaderHints Specifies whether hints are displayed for field headers with truncated captions.
OptionsBehavior.GroupHeaderHints Specifies whether hints are displayed for column and row field values with truncated content.

You can handle the pivot grid’s OnGetCellHint event to customize hints or suppress them.

To provide centralized management for the appearance and behavior of hints displayed by Developer Express VCL controls or their elements, use the TcxHintStyleController component . It allows you to customize the hint’s appearance, specify the icon displayed within hints and customize time intervals that must pass before the hint is invoked or hidden, etc.

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