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TableRow Properties

Represents a row in a table.
Name Description
BreakAcrossPages Specifies whether the table row can break across pages.
Cells Provides access to a collection of cells within the current row.
FirstCell Gets the first cell in a row.
GridAfter Gets the number of columns which shall be left after the last cell of this table row.
GridBefore Gets the number of columns which must be skipped before the first cell.
Height Gets or sets the height of the current row.
HeightType Gets or sets the type of a rule used to determine the height of a cell.
Index Gets the zero-based index of the row in a table.
IsFirst Indicates whether the current row is the first row in a table.
IsLast Indicates whether the current row is the last row in a table.
Item[Int32] Gets a cell at the specified column in the current row.
LastCell Gets the last cell in a row.
NestingLevel Gets the nesting level of the table containing a current row.
Next Gets the next row in a table.
Previous Gets the previous row in a table.
Range Gets the document range occupied by the current row.
RepeatAsHeaderRow Gets or sets whether to repeat a row as header at the top of each page.
Table Provides access to the parent table.
TableRowAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of a particular row in a table.
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