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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

TableCellPropertiesBase Properties

Container for table characteristics used to specify table cell characteristics for table styles.
Name Description
CellBackgroundColor Gets or sets the TableCell.BackgroundColor property for the specified cells.
CellBottomPadding Gets or sets the TableCell.BottomPadding property of a table cell.
CellLeftPadding Gets or sets the TableCell.LeftPadding property of a table cell.
CellRightPadding Gets or sets the TableCell.RightPadding property of a table cell.
CellTopPadding Gets or sets the TableCell.TopPadding property of a table cell.
NoWrap Gets or sets whether a text is wrapped in the specified cells.
TableCellBorders Provides access to an object that allows you to specify characteristics for cell borders.
VerticalAlignment Gets or sets the vertical justification of content inside a table cell.
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