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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

Table Methods

Represents a single table.
Name Description
BeginUpdate() Locks the Table object by preventing visual updates until the EndUpdate method is called.
Cell(Int32, Int32) Provides access to a cell in a table.
EndUpdate() Unlocks the Table object after a call to the BeginUpdate method and causes an immediate visual update.
ForEachCell(TableCellProcessorDelegate) Performs the specified action on each cell in the table.
ForEachRow(TableRowProcessorDelegate) Enables you to specify a delegate which will be executed for each row of a table.
MakeWordCompatible() Merges all columns with indexes greater than 63 into a single column.
MergeCells(TableCell, TableCell) Merges the cells in the specified range into a single cell.
Reset() Resets table properties to values specified by the underlying style or to the default style values.
Reset(TablePropertiesMask) Resets the table properties specified by the mask to the properties of the underlying table style or to default properties.
SetPreferredWidth(Single, WidthType) Specifies the preferred width for the table in specified units.
Validate() Checks whether the current table instance is valid and usable.
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