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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

ReadOnlyDocumentBuiltInProperties Members

Implements the built-in document properties retrieved by the RichEditDocumentServerExtensions.LoadDocumentProperties method.


Name Description
Application Gets the name of the application used to modify the document.
AppVersion Gets the version of the application used to modify the document.
Author Gets the name of the document’s author.
Category Gets the category of the document’s content.
Company Gets the name of the company associated with the document.
ContentStatus Gets the status of the content (for example, “Draft”, “Reviewed”, or “Final”).
ContentType Gets the type of the content, defined by a specific use and intended audience (Whitepaper, Security Bulletin, Exam etc.)
Created Gets the date and time when the document was created.
Description Gets the description of the document’s content.
Identifier Gets a value that identifies the ReadOnlyDocumentBuiltInProperties and their content.
Keywords Gets the delimited set of keywords for search and indexing.
Language Gets the language of the document’s content.
LastModifiedBy Gets the name of the last user who modified and saved the document.
LastPrinted Gets the date and time that a document was last printed.
Manager Gets a manager of the document’s author.
Modified Gets the date and time a document was last saved.
Revision Gets the number of document saves or revisions.
Subject Gets the document’s subject.
Template Gets the name of a template attached to the document.
Title Gets the document title.
Version Gets the document’s version number set by the user or by the application.
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