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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

IDocumentVisitor Members

Interface implementing the Visitor pattern.


Name Description
Visit(DocumentBookmarkEnd) Called when a DocumentBookmarkEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentBookmarkStart) Called when a DocumentBookmarkStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentCheckBox) Called when a DocumentCheckBox element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentCommentEnd) Called when a DocumentCommentEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentCommentStart) Called when a DocumentCommentStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentEndnoteCustomMark) Called when a DocumentEndnoteCustomMark element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentEndnoteEmptyReference) Called when a DocumentEndnoteEmptyReference element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentEndnoteReference) Called when a DocumentEndnoteReference element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentFieldCodeEnd) Called when a DocumentFieldCodeEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentFieldCodeStart) Called when a DocumentFieldCodeStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentFieldResultEnd) Called when a DocumentFieldResultEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentFootnoteCustomMark) Called when a DocumentFootnoteCustomMark element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentFootnoteEmptyReference) Called when a DocumentFootnoteEmptyReference element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentFootnoteReference) Called when a DocumentFootnoteReference element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentHyperlinkEnd) Called when a DocumentHyperlinkEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentHyperlinkStart) Called when a DocumentHyperlinkStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentInlinePicture) Called when a DocumentInlinePicture element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentParagraphEnd) Called when a DocumentParagraphEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentParagraphStart) Called when a DocumentParagraphStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentPicture) Called when a DocumentPicture element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentRangePermissionEnd) Called when a DocumentRangePermissionEnd is encountered.
Visit(DocumentRangePermissionStart) Called when a DocumentRangePermissionStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentSectionEnd) Called when a DocumentSectionEnd element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentSectionStart) Called when a DocumentSectionStart element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentTableCellBorder) Called when a DocumentTableCellBorder element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentText) Called when a DocumentText element is encountered.
Visit(DocumentTextBox) Called when a DocumentTextBox element is encountered.
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