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Document.DefaultTabWidth Property

Gets or sets the default value of a tab stop width.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.API.Native

Assembly: DevExpress.RichEdit.v24.1.Core.dll


float DefaultTabWidth { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

A Single object that is the default tab stop width measured in units specified by the Document.Unit property.


Use the following code to set the default tab width to 5 mm.

// Set the default tab width to 5 mm.
richEditControl1.Unit = DevExpress.Office.DocumentUnit.Millimeter;
richEditControl1.Document.DefaultTabWidth = 5f; 

The DefaultTabWidth value is validated before assigning, and the ArgumentException is thrown if validation fails. The valid ranges are listed below. They depend on the specified measurement Document.Unit.

Document Unit Valid Range
DocumentUnit.Inch 0.014 - 22
DocumentUnit.Millimeter 0.35 - 558
DocumentUnit.Centimeter 0.035 - 55.8
DocumentUnit.Point 0.98 - 1584
DocumentUnit.Document 4.1 - 6600
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