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CompatibilitySettings Properties

Enables you to specify application-wide settings to ensure compatibility with previous versions of rich text editors.

Name Description

Specifies whether to align each row within a table independently.


Gets or sets whether a line that ends with a hyphenated word is allowed to be the last line in a page or column.


Specifies whether to allow tables with the enabled AutoFit feature to extend beyond the page margins.


Gets or sets whether to insert a page break between the floating table and the following content.


Specifies the document compatibility with different Microsoft Word versions.


Specifies whether the rows in the multi-row table header should be differentiated when applying the conditional formatting.


Specifies whether to disable balancing column height.


Specifies whether to swap the mirrored paragraph indents.


Specifies whether to enable the OpenType font features (ligatures, contextual alternates, stylistic sets, number spacing, and number formatting).


Specifies whether the font size and the justification determined by the document table style should be overridden.


Specifies whether to move the paragraph mark to a new line on the next page if it is located after the page break.


Specifies whether to stretch lines which end in a line break when the parent paragraph is fully justified.


Gets or sets whether the line containing a hyphenated word which ends a page or column is displayed on the following page or column.

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