ColorSchemeEntry.ColorDefinition Property

Gets or sets the color used to color specified dimension values/measures.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardCommon
Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v18.1.Core.dll
public ColorDefinition ColorDefinition { get; set; }
Type Description

A ColorDefinition object that specifies the color used to color specified dimension values/measures.

To specify dimension values/measures to be colored, use the ColorSchemeEntry.DimensionKeys and ColorSchemeEntry.MeasureKey properties, respectively.


The following example demonstrates how to customize a dashboard color scheme to color specified dimension values using predefined colors.

In this example, the dashboard contains Pie and Chart dashboard items, whose dimension values are colored by hue. Dimension values and corresponding colors are stored in a data table.

To add custom colors to the dashboard color scheme (the Dashboard.ColorScheme property), ColorSchemeEntry objects are created. The ColorSchemeEntry class allows you to specify the following properties:

´╗┐Imports System.Data
Imports System.Drawing
Imports DevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon
Imports DevExpress.DashboardCommon

Namespace Dashboard_Coloring
    Partial Public Class Form1
        Inherits RibbonForm

        Public Sub New()

            ' Creates a color table containing dimension values, measures and corresponding colors.
            Dim colorTable As DataTable = CreateColorTable()
            ' Loads a dashboard from the XML file.
            Dim dashboard As New Dashboard()
            Dim dataSource As IDashboardDataSource = dashboard.DataSources("dataSource1")

            ' Specifies the coloring mode for the specified pie series, pie measures and chart argument.
            Dim pie1 As PieDashboardItem = CType(dashboard.Items("pieDashboardItem1"), PieDashboardItem)
            Dim chart1 As ChartDashboardItem = CType(dashboard.Items("chartDashboardItem1"),  _
            pie1.SeriesDimensions(0).ColoringMode = ColoringMode.Hue
            pie1.ColoringOptions.MeasuresColoringMode = ColoringMode.Hue
            chart1.Arguments(0).ColoringMode = ColoringMode.Hue

            For Each row As DataRow In colorTable.Rows
                dashboard.ColorScheme.Add(CreateColorSchemeEntry(row, dataSource, False))
                dashboard.ColorScheme.Add(CreateColorSchemeEntry(row, dataSource, True))
            Next row
            dashboardDesigner1.Dashboard = dashboard
        End Sub

        ' Creates color scheme entries used to map dimension values, measures and colors.
        Private Function CreateColorSchemeEntry(ByVal colorSchemeRecord As DataRow, _
                                                ByVal dataSource As IDashboardDataSource, _
                                                ByVal includeMeasures As Boolean) As ColorSchemeEntry
            Dim categoryDefinition As New DimensionDefinition("CategoryName")
            Dim countryDefinition As New DimensionDefinition("Country")
            Dim priceDefinition As New MeasureDefinition("Extended Price")

            Dim entry As New ColorSchemeEntry()
            entry.DimensionKeys.Add(New ColorSchemeDimensionKey(categoryDefinition, _
            entry.DimensionKeys.Add(New ColorSchemeDimensionKey(countryDefinition, _
            If includeMeasures Then
                entry.MeasureKey = New ColorSchemeMeasureKey(priceDefinition)
            End If
            entry.ColorDefinition = New ColorDefinition(DirectCast(colorSchemeRecord("color"), Color))
            entry.DataSource = dataSource
            Return entry
        End Function

        Private Function CreateColorTable() As DataTable
            Dim colorTable As New DataTable()
            colorTable.Columns.Add("CategoryName", GetType(String))
            colorTable.Columns.Add("Country", GetType(String))
            colorTable.Columns.Add("measure", GetType(String))
            colorTable.Columns.Add("color", GetType(Color))
            colorTable.Rows.Add("Beverages", "UK", "Extended Price", Color.Red)
            colorTable.Rows.Add("Beverages", "USA", "Extended Price", Color.Green)
            Return colorTable
        End Function
    End Class
End Namespace
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