WeightedSeries Class

A Weighted series that allow you to visualize data in three dimensions.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardCommon

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v21.2.Core.dll


public class WeightedSeries :


A Weighted series extends a regular point diagram with the capability to visually represent data that has a third dimension (the weight of a series point). You map two dimensions along the usual X and Y axes, and then the third dimension is expressed in the size of a filled circle, “bubble”, displayed at the data point.


A Weighted series requires two measures to be provided. They will be used to calculate the value and weight of series points.

Use the following properties to specify the measures.


Gets or sets a measure that provides data used to calculate the value of series points.


Gets or sets a measure that provides data used to calculate the weight of series points.

To plot a series within the ChartDashboardItem, add the WeightedSeries object to the ChartPane.Series collection of a pane where you need to display this series. To access a desired pane, use the ChartDashboardItem.Panes property.

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