DashboardOlapDataSource Class

An OLAP data source that provides data for the dashboard.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardCommon

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v18.1.Core.dll


public class DashboardOlapDataSource : IDashboardDataSource, IDashboardComponent, IComponent, ISupportInitialize, ISupportPrefix, IDashboardDataSourceInternal, IDataComponent, IDisposable, IDataConnectionParametersService, ISensitiveInfoContainer

To create a data source that uses a connection to an OLAP cube, create the instance of the DashboardOlapDataSource class and perform the following steps.

  1. Create the OlapConnectionParameters class object and specify the DashboardOlapDataSource.ConnectionString property.

    Pass the resulting OlapConnectionParameters object to the DashboardOlapDataSource constructor.


    As an alternative, you can add a connection string with required parameters to the application configuration file. Then, assign the connection string name to the DashboardOlapDataSource.ConnectionName property.

  2. Add the created DashboardOlapDataSource object to the Dashboard.DataSources collection.


The following example demonstrates how to bind a dashboard to an OLAP cube using DashboardOlapDataSource.

The DashboardOlapDataSource allows you to establish a connection to the OLAP cube by specifying a connection string.

OlapConnectionParameters olapParams = new OlapConnectionParameters();
olapParams.ConnectionString = @"provider=MSOLAP;
                      data source=http://demos.devexpress.com/Services/OLAP/msmdpump.dll;
                      initial catalog=Adventure Works DW Standard Edition;
                      cube name=Adventure Works;";

DashboardOlapDataSource olapDataSource = new DashboardOlapDataSource(olapParams);




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