ASPxClientPopupControl.ShowWindow(window) Method

Invokes the specified popup window at the popup element with the specified index.


    window: ASPxClientPopupWindow,
    popupElementIndex?: number
): void


Name Type Description
window ASPxClientPopupWindow

A ASPxClientPopupWindow object that specifies the required popup window.

popupElementIndex number

An integer value specifying the zero-based index of the popup element within the window’s PopupElementID list.


The ASPxPopupControl contains IDs of objects that can invoke a popup window within the window’s PopupWindow.PopupElementID property. Use the ShowWindow method to show the specified popup window at the element with the specified index within the list. A window’s position relative to the element can be specified by the ASPxPopupControl.PopupHorizontalAlign, ASPxPopupControl.PopupHorizontalOffset, ASPxPopupControl.PopupVerticalAlign and ASPxPopupControl.PopupVerticalOffset properties.

If the specified popupElementIndex is incorrect, the window presents at the last position or at the top left corner (if it is the first time it is displayed).

function SetHintVisible(name, value) {
    var popupControl = GetPopupControl('Hint');
    var hintWindow = popupControl.GetWindowByName(name);
    if (value)
function GetPopupControl(name) {
    if (name == 'Hint')
        return ASPxPopupHintClientControl;
    else if (name == 'Error')
        return ASPxPopupErrorClientControl;

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ASPxPopupControl - Client-Side Functionality

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