ASPxClientPopupControl.GetWindowCollapsed(window) Method

Returns a value indicating whether the specified window is collapsed.


GetWindowCollapsed(window: ASPxClientPopupWindow): boolean


Name Type Description
window ASPxClientPopupWindow

An ASPxClientPopupWindow object specifying the popup window.


Type Description

true if the window is collapsed; otherwise, false.


End-users can collapse and expand a window using the collapse button. Use the GetWindowCollapsed method to get a value indicating whether the popup window is collapsed. To set the window collapse state on the client side, use the ASPxClientPopupControl.SetWindowCollapsed method.

To specify the collapse state of the default popup window, use the ASPxClientPopupControlBase.GetCollapsed and ASPxClientPopupControlBase.SetCollapsed methods.

On the server side, the window collapse state is controlled by the PopupWindow.Collapsed property.

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