ASPxClientPopupControlBase.ShowAtElementByID(id) Method

Invokes the control’s window and displays it over an HTML element specified by its unique identifier.


    id: string
): void


Name Type Description
id string

A string value that specifies the hierarchically qualified identifier of an HTML element relative to whose position the window is invoked.


Use the ShowAtElementByID method on the client side to display the control’s window at a position which relates to an HTML element specified by the id parameter. The id parameter is the element’s fully qualified identifier (for server controls this identifier is specified by the ClientID property).


For ASPxPopupControl only:

The ShowAtElementByID method can be used, for example, when it’s necessary to display the default popup window in response to a specific user action not listed by the ASPxPopupControl.PopupAction property or over a specific HTML element that differs from the element specified by the ASPxPopupControl.PopupElementID property.

A call to the ShowAtElementByID method displays the default popup window at a position specified by the ASPxPopupControl.PopupHorizontalAlign, ASPxPopupControl.PopupHorizontalOffset, ASPxPopupControl.PopupVerticalAlign and ASPxPopupControl.PopupVerticalOffset properties relative to the specified HTML element.

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