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ASPxClientPopupControl.GetPopupControlCollection Method

Returns a collection of client popup control objects.


static GetPopupControlCollection(): ASPxClientPopupControlCollection


Type Description

An ASPxClientPopupControlCollection object that is the client-side collection of popup controls.


Use the GetPopupControlCollection method on the client-side to gain access to the collection of client popup control objects, specified by the ASPxClientPopupControl instances.

A particular popup control object can be accessed either by its name within the collection or using the ASPxClientControlCollection.Get method.


An ASPX page always has a single collection of ASPxClientPopupControl objects. If a page has an IFRAME element, which loads another page containing ASPxPopupControl instances, this content page will have its own collection of ASPxClientPopupControl objects. There is no unified collection of ASPxClientPopupControl objects in this case. If you need one, you should create and maintain it yourself.

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