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ASPxClientTab Class

Represents a client-side equivalent of a tab control’s Tab or a page control’s TabPage object.


declare class ASPxClientTab


The ASPxClientTab object represents a client tab object that corresponds to a particular item in a tab control’s ASPxTabControl.Tabs collection or a page control’s ASPxPageControl.TabPages collection. An individual client tab object can be accessed by using the ASPxClientTabControlBase.GetTab or ASPxClientTabControlBase.GetTabByName method of a client tab control (page control) object.

The functionality provided by the ASPxClientTab object on the client side almost replicates the basic server-side functionality. Thus, you are allowed to obtain the main information on a tab object (such as its ASPxClientTab.index and and access its parent tab control object (ASPxClientTab.tabControl) directly on the client-side by using specific properties exposed by the ASPxClientTab object and writing an appropriate JavaScript code.

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