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ASPxClientTabControlBase Class

Represents a base for the ASPxClientTabControl and ASPxClientPageControl objects.


declare class ASPxClientTabControlBase extends ASPxClientControl


The ASPxClientTabControlBase object represents a base for client objects of the ASPxClientTabControl and ASPxClientPageControl types. It implements the main functionality of a client object which maintains a collection of tabs/pages.

Using the methods exposed by this object a particular tab/page can be accessed by its index or name (ASPxClientTabControlBase.GetTab, ASPxClientTabControlBase.GetTabByName), the selected tab/page can be obtained or changed (ASPxClientTabControlBase.GetActiveTab, ASPxClientTabControlBase.SetActiveTab) and the total number of tabs/pages can be retrieved (ASPxClientTabControlBase.GetTabCount).

The client events implemented by the ASPxClientTabControlBase object allow you to respond to a change to an active tab/page within a control (ASPxClientTabControlBase.ActiveTabChanging, ASPxClientTabControlBase.ActiveTabChanged).

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