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ASPxClientPopupMenu Class

Represents a client-side equivalent of the ASPxPopupMenu object.


declare class ASPxClientPopupMenu extends ASPxClientMenuBase


The ASPxClientPopupMenu object serves as a client-side equivalent of the ASPxPopupMenu control and represents a client popup menu object. The ASPxClientPopupMenu object derives from the ASPxClientMenuBase object which implements the main functionality of client menus.

Using the inherited methods a particular root menu item can be accessed by its index (ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItem), an individual menu item can be accessed by its name (ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItemByName), the selected menu item can be manipulated (ASPxClientMenuBase.GetSelectedItem, ASPxClientMenuBase.SetSelectedItem) and the total number of the root menu items can be retrieved (ASPxClientMenuBase.GetItemCount).

In addition, the ASPxClientPopupMenu object implements a pair of the ASPxClientPopupMenu.Show and ASPxClientPopupMenu.Hide methods which allow you to display a popup menu at a specific position or hide the popup menu.

The client events available via the ASPxClientPopupMenu object allow you to respond to a click on a menu item (ASPxClientMenuBase.ItemClick) and to opening or closing of a submenu (ASPxClientMenuBase.PopUp, ASPxClientMenuBase.CloseUp).


The client-side programmatic interface is available if the ASPxMenuBase.EnableClientSideAPI property is set to true.

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