ASPxClientPopupControl.PerformWindowCallback(window, parameter) Method

Sends a callback with parameters to update the popup window by processing the related popup window and the passed information on the server.


    window: ASPxClientPopupWindow,
    parameter: string,
    onSuccess?: (arg: string) => void
): void


Name Type Description
window ASPxClientPopupWindow

A ASPxClientPopupWindow object identifying the processed popup window.

parameter string

A string value that represents any information that needs to be sent to the server-side ASPxDataViewBase.CustomCallback event.

onSuccess (arg: string) => void

A client action to perform if the server round-trip completed successfully.


Use the PerformWindowCallback method if you need to dynamically update the PopupControl by asynchronously going to the server (using AJAX-based callback technology). With the PerformWindowCallback method’s parameter parameter, you can pass any information collected on the client to the server for further server processing.

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