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ASPxClientNavBar Class

Represents a client-side equivalent of the ASPxNavBar control.


declare class ASPxClientNavBar extends ASPxClientControl


The ASPxClientNavBar object serves as a client-side equivalent of the ASPxNavBar control and implements the functionality of a client navbar object.

Using the methods exposed by the ASPxClientNavBar object a particular group can be accessed by its index or name (ASPxClientNavBar.GetGroup, ASPxClientNavBar.GetGroupByName), the total number of the groups can be retrieved (ASPxClientNavBar.GetGroupCount), an active group can be manipulated (ASPxClientNavBar.GetActiveGroup, ASPxClientNavBar.SetActiveGroup), a particular item can be accessed by its name (ASPxClientNavBar.GetItemByName) and a selected item can be manipulated (ASPxClientNavBar.GetSelectedItem, ASPxClientNavBar.SetSelectedItem).

The client events available via the ASPxClientNavBar object allow you to respond to a group expansion state change (ASPxClientNavBar.ExpandedChanging, ASPxClientNavBar.ExpandedChanged) and to clicks on items or group headers (ASPxClientNavBar.ItemClick, ASPxClientNavBar.HeaderClick).


The client-side programmatic interface is available if the ASPxNavBar.EnableClientSideAPI property is set to true.


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