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ASPxClientPopupControlBase.ShowAtPos(x, y) Method

Invokes the control’s window at the specified position.


    x: number,
    y: number
): void


Name Type Description
x number

The x-coordinate of the window’s display position.

y number

The y-coordinate of the window’s display position.


Use the ShowAtPos method on the client side, to display the control’s window at a position specified by the coordinates which are passed via the x and y parameters. For example, this method can be used to display the window at the mouse cursor position.


For ASPxPopupControl only:

Note that when a popup window is invoked by using the ShowAtPos method, the ASPxPopupControl.PopupHorizontalAlign and ASPxPopupControl.PopupVerticalAlign properties are not in effect while the values of the ASPxPopupControl.PopupHorizontalOffset and ASPxPopupControl.PopupVerticalOffset properties are taken into account, to calculate the window’s actual display position.

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