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ASPxClientRibbonItem Class

A client-side equivalent of the ribbon’s RibbonItemBase object.


declare class ASPxClientRibbonItem


The ASPxClientRibbonItem object is a client ribbon item that corresponds to a particular item in the RibbonGroup.Items or RibbonDropDownButtonItem.Items collection. An individual client item can be accessed by using the ASPxClientRibbon.GetItemByName method. An item’s value can be accessed by using the ASPxClientRibbon.GetItemValueByName and ASPxClientRibbon.SetItemValueByName methods.

The functionality provided by the ASPxClientRibbonItem object on the client side nearly replicates the basic server-side functionality. So, you are allowed to obtain information on an item’s name (, parent group ( or index within the group’s Items collection (ASPxClientRibbonItem.index). Additionally, you can manage item availability (ASPxClientRibbonItem.GetEnabled and ASPxClientRibbonItem.SetEnabled) and access the item value (ASPxClientRibbonItem.GetValue and ASPxClientRibbonItem.SetValue).

To learn more about ribbon item types, see the Item Types topic.

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