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ASPxClientParseDateEventArgs Class

Provides data for the ASPxClientDateEdit.ParseDate client-side event that parses a string entered into a date editor.


declare class ASPxClientParseDateEventArgs extends ASPxClientEventArgs


This class represents an argument passed to the ASPxClientDateEdit.ParseDate client-side event that allows strings entered into date editors by end users to be converted into the corresponding dates.

Using the properties available in the ASPxClientParseDateEventArgs class, you can obtain the string entered by an end user (ASPxClientParseDateEventArgs.value), provide the corresponding date to be assigned to the editor ( and indicate that the default conversion procedure is overridden (ASPxClientParseDateEventArgs.handled).

ASPxClientParseDateEventArgs objects with proper settings are automatically created and passed to corresponding event handlers.


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