ASPxClientPopupControl.GetWindowCurrentPopupElement(window) Method

Returns an object that invoked the specified popup window.


    window: ASPxClientPopupWindow
): any


Name Type Description
window ASPxClientPopupWindow

An ASPxClientPopupWindow object that specifies the required popup window.


Type Description

An object that invoked the specified window.


The ASPxPopupControl contains IDs of objects that can invoke a popup window within the window’s PopupWindow.PopupElementID property. Use the GetWindowCurrentPopupElement method to get the last object that invoked the window. If the window has not been shown yet, the method returns the first element in PopupElementID list.

You can get the popup element’s index within the list by using the ASPxClientPopupControl.GetWindowCurrentPopupElementIndex method.

To get the element that invoked a default window, use the ASPxClientPopupControl.GetCurrentPopupElement method.

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