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ProgressPanel Class

Represents a control showing an await message to a user.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraWaitForm

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public class ProgressPanel :


The ProgressPanel is a control intended to show an await message to a user. It contains a wait indicator, a message caption and description.



If you need to display an await message in a separate window, use the WaitForm control.

The following properties affect the layout and appearance of the control’s caption, description and image:

The ProgressPanel.WaitAnimationType property specifies the wait indicator type:

  • Default (depends on a skin)

    Progress Panels - Skins

  • Line


  • Ring


  • Bar


In the Default mode, the wait indicator is an animated image determined by the currently applied skin. See the Look And Feel and Skinning article to learn how to apply a skin to forms and controls.

In the Line, Ring and Bar modes, the wait indicator behavior and appearance can be specified using the following options:


DevExpress controls support regular and super tooltips. If the ShowToolTips option is enabled, tooltips are shown when the mouse pointer hovers over the control.

Use the following properties to specify a regular tooltip’s content:

  • ToolTip — A regular tooltip’s text. If the text is not specified, the tooltip is not displayed even if the title is specified. You can use line breaks in regular tooltips. Use the AllowHtmlTextInToolTip property to specify whether to parse HTML tags in the text. HTML tags allow you to format the text: size, style, hyperlinks, etc.
  • ToolTipTitle — A regular tooltip’s title. If the title is not specified, it is not displayed.
  • ToolTipIconType — A regular tooltip’s predefined icon. Use the controller’s IconSize property to specify the image size.


    To display a custom image in all regular tooltips, use the controller’s ImageList and ImageIndex properties.

    To display a custom image in a specific regular tooltip, handle the BeforeShow event. Use the ImageOptions event argument to assign a raster or vector image to the processed tooltip.

Use the SuperTip property to assign a super tooltip to a control. Enable the AllowHtmlText property to use HTML tags in the super tooltip.

To replace regular tooltips with super tooltips, set the ToolTipController.ToolTipType property to SuperTip. The controller automatically converts regular tooltips to super tooltips. To access this property, you can use the DefaultToolTipController component or a custom controller assigned to the ToolTipController property. See the following topic for more information: Tooltips.


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