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AppointmentLabelDataStorage Properties

A collection of Scheduler Labels that specify appointments’ background colors.
Name Description
ColorSaving Gets or sets the type of values stored in the data source field mapped to the LabelMappingInfo.Color property.
Count Returns the total number of Labels stored in this AppointmentLabelDataStorage.
CustomFieldMappings Provides access to custom field mappings for Labels.
DataMember Gets or sets the data source field which supplies data to the storage object.
DataSource Gets or sets the source from which this AppointmentLabelDataStorage should retrieve Labels.
IsDisposed Returns whether or not this AppointmentLabelDataStorage is disposed.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to individual items in the appointment collection which can be accessed using the AppointmentLabelDataStorage.Items property.
Items Returns the Label collection within the storage.
Mappings Gets an object that specifies how Label properties map to the data source fields.
Storage Returns the SchedulerDataStorage that owns this AppointmentLabelDataStorage.
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