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RepositoryItem Events

Serves as the base for all repository items.
Name Description
Click Fires when clicking the editor.
CustomDisplayText Enables custom display text to be provided for an editor.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
DoubleClick Fires when the editor is double clicked.
DragDrop Fires when an object is dropped onto the editor.
DragEnter Fires when a dragged object enters the editor’s area.
DragLeave Fires when a dragged object leaves the editor’s area.
DragOver Fires repeatedly when dragging an object over the editor.
EditValueChanged Fires when the editor’s BaseEdit.EditValue property changes.
EditValueChanging Fires when the editor’s value is about to be changed.
Enter Fires when the editor receives focus.
FormatEditValue Enables you to format the editor’s value (change the editor’s value when the formatting mechanism is invoked).
GiveFeedback Enables you to specify the cursor appearance when dragging this editor’s data.
HelpRequested Fires when the end-user requests help for the editor.
KeyDown Fires when a key is pressed while the editor has focus.
KeyPress Fires when a character key is pressed while the editor has focus.
KeyUp Fires when a key is released while the editor has focus.
Leave Fires when the editor loses focus.
Modified Fires when the edit value is first changed since it was last validated.
MouseDown Fires when a mouse button is pressed while the mouse pointer is over the editor.
MouseEnter Fires when the mouse pointer enters the editor’s area.
MouseHover Fires when hot-tracking an editor element.
MouseLeave Fires when the mouse pointer leaves the editor’s area.
MouseMove Fires when the mouse pointer moves over the editor’s area.
MouseUp Fires when the mouse button is released while the mouse pointer is over the editor.
MouseWheel Fires when the mouse wheel moves while the mouse pointer is within the editor.
ParseEditValue Converts an input value (entered by a user or assigned in code) to the value that the editor will store.
PropertiesChanged Fires immediately after a change to one of the editor’s properties.
QueryAccessibilityHelp Fires when the help is provided to accessibility applications.
QueryContinueDrag Fires when dragging the editor’s data allowing you to specify whether dragging should be continued.
QueryProcessKey Provides the capability to specify whether the key pressed in the editor is processed by the editor or a container control (GridControl, TreeList, etc.) that displays this editor.
Validating Allows you to specify whether the edit value is valid. This event does not occur if the editor’s CausesValidation property is disabled.
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