WorkspaceManager.Workspaces Property

Provides access to all currently active workspaces.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v20.1.dll


public List<IWorkspace> Workspaces { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Workspaces As List(Of IWorkspace)

Property Value

Type Description

A List structure that stores all currently active workspaces.


The Workspaces property is the fundamental WorkspaceManager property that provides its functionality. All captured (WorkspaceManager.CaptureWorkspace) or loaded (WorkspaceManager.LoadWorkspace) workspaces are added to this collection. A workspace can be applied (WorkspaceManager.ApplyWorkspace) or saved to a local file (WorkspaceManager.SaveWorkspace) only if it is stored within the Workspaces collection. See the Workspace Manager topic for more info.

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