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Row Indicator Panel

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The row indicator panel represents a region displayed at the left edge of the View. The panel contains row indicator cells corresponding to different View sections (the band header panel, the column header panel, data rows, the View footer, etc). The cell relating to the focused row indicates the row state (whether it is in edit mode or has been modified, etc.). When multiple selection is enabled, end-users can click cells and then drag the mouse cursor to another cell to select a range of rows.


The following icons can be displayed within an indicator panel.

  • Indicator_FocusedRow - Focused row.
  • Indicator_RowInEditMode - The focused cell’s in-place editor is active.
  • Indicator_ModifiedRow - The focused row is modified.
  • Indicator_NewItemRow - The focused row is a New Item Row.
  • Indicator_AutoFilterRow - The focused row is an Auto Filter Row.
  • Indicator_MaximizeDetailView - Indicates the button used to maximize a detail View.
  • Indicator_RestoreDetailView - Indicates the button used to restore a detail View.
  • Indicator_FocusedRowContainsErrors - The focused row contains errors.
  • Indicator_NonFocusedRowContainsErrors - A non-focused row contains errors.


Icons and their appearance may differ depending on the skin.

The table below lists the main properties affecting element appearance.


The GridViewAppearances.HeaderPanel property specifies appearance settings used for painting all indicator cells, except for the cell relating to the band header panel. This cell is painted using the BandedViewAppearances.BandPanel property’s settings.

An element’s background colors cannot be changed when a View is painted using skinning paint styles.

Custom Draw Event

The GridView.CustomDrawRowIndicator event.


The GridOptionsView.ShowIndicator option.


The GridView.IndicatorWidth property.

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