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Column Header

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Column headers identify columns in Grid Views, Banded Grid Views and Advanced Banded Grid Views. A column header contains:

  • a caption string identifying column content;
  • a column header image providing graphical information about column content;
  • a sort glyph identifying the data sort order (if any) applied to column values;
  • a filter button enabling end-users to filter column values.

The column header panel contains the headers of all visible columns. Headers of grouped columns are displayed in the group panel. The Customization Form displays hidden columns’ headers. Right-clicking a column header in the header panel or group panel activates the column header context menu.




The table below lists the main properties affecting element appearance.


The GridViewAppearances.HeaderPanel property specifies appearance settings for all column headers. Individual columns may override these settings using the GridColumn.AppearanceHeader property.

To change the element’s background color use the GridViewAppearances.HeaderPanel‘s BackColor property.

Custom Draw Event



The GridOptionsView.ShowColumnHeaders and GridOptionsView.ShowGroupPanel options specify whether or not to display the column header panel and group panel respectively. A column’s OptionsColumn.ShowInCustomizationForm option specifies whether or not the column header can appear in the Customization Form when hidden.


GridColumn.Image, GridColumn.ImageIndex, GridColumn.Caption

HTML tags can be used to format a column’s caption, provided that the GridOptionsView.AllowHtmlDrawHeaders option is enabled.


GridOptionsHint.ShowColumnHeaderHints, GridColumn.ToolTip

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