PaletteBase Properties

The base class for the tree map palettes.
Name Description
CanFreeze Gets a value that indicates whether the object can be made unmodifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
Count Returns the count of colors in a palette.
DependencyObjectType Gets the DependencyObjectType that wraps the CLR type of this instance. Inherited from DependencyObject.
Dispatcher Gets the Dispatcher this DispatcherObject is associated with. Inherited from DispatcherObject.
IsFrozen Gets a value that indicates whether the object is currently modifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
IsSealed Gets a value that indicates whether this instance is currently sealed (read-only). Inherited from DependencyObject.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to individual items in the palette.
Owner Returns an object’s owner. Inherited from TreeMapDependencyObject.
PaletteName Returns the name of a palette.
ScaleMode Specifies how to distribute colors when the palette contains less colors than the number of chart items.
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