ThemeManager Fields

Represents a theme manager, allowing you to apply themes.
Name Description
IsTouchEnabledProperty static Identifies the ThemeManager.IsTouchEnabled dependency property.
IsTouchlineThemeProperty static Identifies the ThemeManager.IsTouchlineTheme dependency property.
ThemeChangedEvent static Identifies the ThemeManager.ThemeChanged routed event.
ThemeChangingEvent static Identifies the ThemeManager.ThemeChanging routed event.
ThemeNameProperty static Identifies the ThemeManager.ThemeName dependency property.
ThemeProperty static Identifies the ThemeManager.Theme attached property.
TouchDefinition For internal use.
TouchDelimiter For internal use.
TouchDelimiterAndDefinition For internal use.
TraceSwitchName This member supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
TreeWalkerProperty static Identifies the ThemeManager.TreeWalker dependency property.
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