Dock and Layout Object Hierarchy


The DXDocking Suite provides a set of objects that allow you to add the docking and layout functionalities to your applications. You start creating the application with the Dock Layout Manager component, and then add dock and layout objects to the Dock Layout Manager, creating the UI. The class inheritance structure of dock and layout objects is shown below:


All the objects, except the Layout Group, are used to build either the dock or layout interface of your application. Layout Groups support both the dock and layout functionalities. For more information, see the Dock Items and Layout Items topics.


  1. Do not combine dock and layout items within a single group.

  2. Do not combine groups containing dock items with groups containing layout items. If you need to arrange layout items next to dock items, add the layout items into a dock panel (a LayoutPanel object).

  3. Do not use dock items outside the DockLayoutManager control.


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