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Layout Items

Layout items are objects that help you arrange your controls in a custom manner within Layout Groups. The following are layout items you can use to build the layout of controls:

  • Layout Control Item - The basic layout element that displays a label next to your control. You can customize the label’s position or hide the label if necessary. Controls displayed with the help of Layout Control Items are automatically aligned by their left edges. The alignment settings can be changed, if required.
  • Layout Group - This is a container that arranges its items either vertically or horizontally. When Layout Groups are used to build layouts of controls, they accept layout items as children.


  1. Do not combine dock and layout items within a single group.

  2. Do not combine groups containing dock items with groups containing layout items. If you need to arrange layout items next to dock items, add the layout items into a dock panel (a LayoutPanel object).

  3. Do not use dock items outside the DockLayoutManager control.

End-users can modify your layout in Customization Mode using the Customization Window.