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Dock Items

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Dock items are objects that support the docking functionality. You use them as blocks to build a docking interface for your application. The most typical dock objects are:

  • Layout Panel - Represents a regular dock panel, which can be docked, auto-hidden or floating.
  • Layout Group - This is a container that arranges its children (dock panels and other dock objects, including other groups) horizontally or vertically.
  • Tabbed Group - A tabbed container of dock panels.
  • Document Group - A tabbed container of documents (DocumentPanel objects). A document group allows you to imitate the document tabbed interface of MS Visual Studio IDE

Auto-Hide Groups and Float Groups also support docking functionality. They are not included in the list above, since they are hosted within related collections of the Dock Layout Manager component itself, rather than within the root layout group.

Although Layout Control Items and Document Panels can be used as dock objects, this scenario is not typical.


  1. Do not combine dock and layout items within a single group.

  2. Do not combine groups containing dock items with groups containing layout items. If you need to arrange layout items next to dock items, add the layout items into a dock panel (a LayoutPanel object).

  3. Do not use dock items outside the DockLayoutManager control.

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