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Regression Lines

A Regression Line is a series indicator that allows you to perform linear regression analysis over series points. The analysis aims to find a line that is as close to all series’s points as possible using the method of least squares to determine the underlying line’s equation.


How to Add a Regression Line to a Chart

The following markup shows how to build a regression line based on a stock series‘s High values:

    <dxc:RegressionLine ValueLevel="High" 
                        LegendText="Regression Line"/>

The code above uses the following classes and properties:

Class or Property Description
XYSeries2D.Indicators The series indicators’ collection.
RegressionLine The regression line.
RegressionLine.ValueLevel Specifies a point value used to build a regression line.
Indicator.ShowInLegend Specifies whether to show a regression line in the legend.
Indicator.LegendText Specifies the text that indicates the indicator in the legend.
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