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TablePropertiesBase Properties

Container for table characteristics used to specify default table properties and table style characteristics.
Name Description
BottomPadding Gets or sets the Table.BottomPadding table property.
LeftPadding Gets or sets the Table.LeftPadding table property.
RightPadding Gets or sets the Table.RightPadding table property.
RightToLeftTableLayout Specifies whether to change the table layout’s direction to right-to-left.
TableAlignment Gets or sets the Table.TableAlignment table property.
TableBackgroundColor Gets or sets the Table.TableBackgroundColor table property.
TableBorders Provides access to the TableBorders interface exposing table border properties.
TableCellSpacing Gets or sets the Table.TableCellSpacing table property.
TableLayout Gets or sets the Table.TableLayout table property.
TopPadding Gets or sets the Table.TopPadding table property.
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